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The panic is starting to kick in now that I have less that 100 days till I get married. Less than 100 days until one of the biggest events of my life- and I still have a plethora of wedmin, DIY projects and organising to do- and my dress still isn’t here!

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve made (with enormous amounts of assistance as I’m the least crafty person ever) strong progress on the wedding related craft front, but it is just a drop in the ocean. As soon as one thing is completed off the to do list, another pops up. Tonight, for example- I’ve attached signs for the wedding to a frame my dad has made but I then remembered we were going to complete our visas for honeymoon this week.

I’ve reached a stage where I’m either in one of two moods- a deep sense of calm, or a mad sense of panic. I’m a worrier at the best of times and all my wedding worry and anxiety stems from the unknown at this point. Having suffered with anxiety for a long time, and struggling so very badly last year- being the centre of attention, having eyes on me, and the social demands being a ‘bride’ brings, makes me want to churn. I’ve really managed to get a hold of my anxiety this year but EVERYTHING that could go wrong with the wedding thus far has, and it’s really tested my tolerance. It’s probably best I’m marrying Craig as he is such an opposite that together, we balance each other out. He takes every wedding hurdle in his stride and it doesn’t faze him. He doesn’t give a shit if someone wants to question our guest list choices, or when your venue changes dramatically. He will be fine so long as we both turn up and he can have a pint. Which is the total opposite of my tears because the shades of chalkboard paint aren’t identical and consistent on the signs I’ve made.

I’m fully accepting of it all going to pot, so long as at the end of the day I’ve married my best friend everything will have been okay. The next four weeks bring my hen do, the RSVP deadline (probably should finish off handing out those invites, oops!), hopefully my dress arriving, make up trials and pre-wedding shoots. Hopefully we’ll get a few more wedmin bits done and organise a few honeymoon excursions.  We still haven’t got transport or cakes so there is that to sort, and I need to finalise my flowers. So much for my super organised wedding which was going to be sorted and finalised with 12 months to go!

100 days to go and I seriously need to get my act together. 

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