Dexter's 1st Birthday.

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Today's a special day! It's my little chubby fur babies first birthday! I can hear the screams of 'wow, crazy cat lady' from here- shush!
I fully embrace being a crazy cat mom and planned on going all out for our little monsters birthday. He didn't exactly have the best start in life but soon as he became ours he's had a life filled full of food, cuddles and love, so he doesn't exactly want for much. He already has an overflowing 'toy box' full of every possible cat toy imaginable and a cat-tower/scratching pole that has 3 tiers and is half the size of our front room, so a new one of those was out of the question too. 
I keep saying Dex is far more than a cat so I decided to buy a Cat IQ Test I found on amazon for him to prove he really is a handsome and intelligent wondercat or prove i'm insane and he really is just a bloody cat! I also decided a lovely cushion so he never has his fave spot on the sofa was a must, and I absolutely love the Sass and Belle 'Reserved For The Cat' cushion!
I've also decided a birthday cake for him is a must. If buzzfeed had to write an article on a recipe on cakes for your cat then there must be a demand for it, and I can't be the only crazy one, can I?!
Anyway, plenty of photos of Dexter's cakes, presents, and the handsome birthday boy will surely be found on my instagram- @puzzplepiecelife.

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1 comment on "Dexter's 1st Birthday."
  1. I totally would buy one, your not alone on that! Can't believe he is one already, where has that year gone like!

    Tamara xo


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