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Good Morning!  Wednesday's will be wedding post days moving forward! Today’s ramblings are on the topic of telling people they’re invited to the wedding, before you actually invite them, aka- save the dates. There is nothing wrong with those who want to spend every penny they have on a wedding, but personally, that's far from what I want. Love is free, after all. So i'm rather chuffed with these super affordable save the date magnets from Vistaprint.

(The venue was also printed on the magnet, but thanks to the wonders of photoshop, I removed it for the purpose of posting all over the internet, sorry wannabe gatecrashers.)

My main concern with save the dates was they would be a lot of money for something that would be cast aside and forgotten about. Realistically, paying for a piece of card to say were getting married, finding everyone’s addresses and buying a million stamps for everyone to just bin it was not something I have time or the money for. Especially as invites provide all the information you need, and you could just send those out early if you were having a wedding some might find difficult to get to or one where people might need to book time off work.

I decided early on, if we were going to have save the dates, they would be more for the purpose of being keepsakes, and they’d need to be practical or something that wouldn’t just be opened and put to one side. Which led me to a choice of two options, a business card type save the date, which people could just slide in their purses. Practical, yes, but not so much a keepsake and you still run the risk of people not realising they should put it in their wallet. They would also be far too tiny to post. My other option was fridge magnets. Highly practical, as you can whack them on the fridge and they’re there as a daily reminder, and something that can be kept there long past the wedding as a soul-warming reminder.

After swooning over the idea of having magnet save the dates, my next issue was finding a fridge magnets which was budget friendly. Etsy was full of beautiful and cute designs but spending £3-5 per save the date was not for us. You soon realise when planning a wedding that having pinterest dreams and wanting to save all your pennies does not go hand in hand. 

Then I stumbled across the vistaprint black-Friday deal, and managed to order 40 for around £20! The best part about the vistaprint site is they always have deals on all year round and they have so many designs, which are also customisable. There are pages and pages of save the dates, invites, programs, rsvps etc. They have so many different designs too, with the option to change the colours on some designs. I'm a bit gutted I couldn't change the pink font to another colour, but it sort of matches our theme. Who will notice anyway?! They all come with free envelopes too which was amazing. The magnets are also decent size too which I didn't expect, they're roughly the size of a 6x4 photo.  I even had to cancel my order at one point as I had a major flap over the original design I picked, and they allowed me too without any fuss. Something tells me they're highly skilled in hormonal bridezilla's changing their minds.

The only thing I need to decide now, is when to give them out! I've hand stamped all the envelopes already, so they are just sat awaiting to be dished out. Most of our close friends and family have theirs already, but i'm itching to give out the rest. I'm trying to wait for Easter/Summer before I give them out, with invites going out around this time next year. If I can wait that long, that is!

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18 comments on "Save The Date!: Budget Friendly Save the Date Magnets"
  1. I never really understood the need for Save the Date cards before, but I do now see they're a good idea, especially if the wedding is a fair few months away. Good deal on the vista print cards too, I've used them before for magnets and they were great. I don't think you can send save the date information too soon, get them sent, it's one less job to do then :) Good luck with the rest of the planning.

  2. What a fab idea for Save The Dates - practical and useful for a keepsake too!

  3. Such a great idea, I've never really considered Save the Dates cards before. These fridge magnets make a lovely gift as well as being very practical. I hope all your wedding preparations go well.

  4. I totally agree with the save the date things you want to send something but it can be very costly especially when you are probably sending out official invites at a later date. These magnets are so cute though, and such a bargain x

  5. They are so nice! Love the design and a great idea to save the date too

  6. We did save the dates as our wedding was on a weekday and also wasn't local. Having them in magnet form is such a good idea! X

  7. What a great idea. We could have done with those earlier last year when our son and his girlfriend were sending them out.

  8. These are a fairly new thing I think, but they are such a great idea x

  9. Oh wow these look so cute! What a lovely idea.
    Emily from

  10. I love this idea. Just yesterday I was given the honour of being bridesmaid for my friends wedding. We're getting together to discuss wedding plans on Wednesday. I will bring up this idea!

  11. I didn't have any save the dates cards. I think it's meant for guests to be aware and book time off but mine was a weekend so it didn't apply.

  12. What an amazing price, for something so special and beautiful. I hope your day is as special as these lovely mementos for your guests.


  13. I've used the site for business cards. I've been quite pleased with everything I've ordered too.

  14. This is such a brilliant idea, a friend of mine also did fridge magnets as a save the date x

  15. These are such a lovely idea. These are something I would love to make for myself but for my son's Birthday parties.

  16. I love these... I didn't even know this was a think until I received one from my friend who is getting married in Aug.
    Genius idea - I love this style <3
    Thanks for sharing hun
    Charlotte x

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