My Hopes and Dreams for 2016.

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Last year was a weird year. I don’t think anything would have topped the high which was 2014, yet for some reason I still set the expectations high. 

(How cute is this diary, I picked it up at Asda the other week for just £3!)

The year did bring positives, it was a miracle when I passed my driving test in June and booking my wedding last autumn fuelled my excitement to plan a day of celebration of mine and Craig’s love. Yet losing my Uncle in such a sudden and cruel way left the year clouded with hurt. I was so lucky growing up to have never experienced loss but for the past three years, without fail, I’ve had to say goodbye to close loved ones. I want 2016 to be a year where those I love stay close to me.

I slowly feel myself drifting into the awful place I found myself in a few years back and I won’t go back there. This year will be the year I make more time for the things I love. I’ll stop letting work consume the majority of my life and I’ll start writing more. I find something really therapeutic about writing down what’s on my mind, albeit normally a bunch of rambles. Seeing as I can now drive, this year will also be the year of road trips. I want to find a super quaint little log cabin somewhere and spend a weekend there. I also want to make more time for seeing my friends, which goes hand in hand with the road trips given we're all over the place. The worse I feel, the less I want to go out, but actually being outside the house makes me feel so much better, so getting out more is a must. 

 Two smaller aims I have include finding a new job and picking up German again. I've so much love for languages, so using the app I downloaded on my phone to pick up German again is a must. Finding a new job is also on the agenda as i'm pretty sure that is contributing towards my current mood. Preferably somewhere which doesn’t require a stupidly long commute would be brill. 

My biggest aim of the year is Project Wedding Ready. Not only do I want to collate of my Pinterest plans, spreadsheets and lists and turn them into results, but I want to work on feeling amazing on the day. So using Pinterest for slimming world meals instead of birthday cake fudge recipes is now my mission. I’ve shockingly re-joined the gym and have been using my ugly little fitbit. I should probably buy a new bracelet for it so it’s a little less unsightly.

So focusing on happiness, dieting and wedding planning. Not expecting much from myself there am I?!

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