My Little Dexter. #InternationalCatDay

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Last week something amazing happened- I became a cat mom! Now i've always loved cats and grew up with furry, meowing, bundles of joy, but this beautiful boy is MY first cat baby. It might sound a little weird to non-crazy cat ladies but the love I have for him is unreal. 

Dex is so well behaved for his tiny age. He has a strong interest in the hoover and all it offers him, rather than a desire to run away like most cats! He eats like a little piggy which has me pleased as he was so frail when we got him and he might have been the kitten no one wanted but to me he's nothing but beautiful.  He's got such a personality too, from climbing his scratching pole to get a better view of the tv (he really likes the Simpsons!?!) to us coming  home the other day to find he'd managed to change the tv channel, the little weirdo!

I'm so glad he's going to get to live a life full of cuddles, treats and happiness. Nothing beats a well loved pet. He'll keep me happy and sane and i'll have him walking around the house like he is a furry little prince, and what better than International Cat Day to introduce my kitty to the blog! 

If you already follow me on instagram, I apologise for the stream of kitty snaps, but if you don't and want to subject yourself to daily Dexter updates, you can follow me here; CLICK FOR LOTS OF CAT PHOTOS!! (AKA, my instagram!)

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1 comment on "My Little Dexter. #InternationalCatDay"
  1. I'm not even a cat person but when I scrolled down I literally let out a real awww! Just look at those eyes! Becoming a furbaby mama is the best thing in the world and my pup will be turning 3 this month!! It's crazy.
    So cool to hear how much of a personality this little thing has already.

    Look forward to seeing more photos!

    Danielle xo


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