An Ode To July

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July, you were a good one for the most part. I feel July definitely was one of those months that was over in what feels like a flash. I do love it creeping closer do my beloved Christmas though.

The month started on a high. I picked up Claude, my first car. It's been a combined effort from family and friends to boost my knowledge and confidence to the point where I'm feeling safe driving it. Even my poor neighbour helped when she found me crying the day I brought the car home as I had locked the wheel and couldn't start the car. Rather embarrassing given we'd not spoken before, but I now know how to put fuel in my car (cheers Tom and Abbie), handle slip lanes like a boss and confidently make my way down the a1 to work each day. Deep down i'm still crapping bricks mind.

Other than my new found love for cruising about the place blasting out One Love by Blue and the super lame cute CD Craig made me and working, life has been uneventful. We got some snazzy new patio furniture. I do love me some patio furniture. We also went to one of our friends christening, well their child. I love being able to force Craig wear a shirt and tie. I dread what he'll turn up wearing on our wedding day as he really hates it.

The month ended on me discovering i'm brilliant at making cocktails, something that is going to have to be developed further into August! Birthdays, wedding decisions and parental visits next month; august, come at me babe. 


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