Wedding Plans.

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Since I got engaged I have lost count of the number of wedding magazines I've brought, hours spent scouring the internet and pinterest for ideas, times I've contemplated the benefits of eloping, and now I have a new obsession. Wedding Fairs! Free cake equals for a happy Jay.

There seems to be so much to plan, and so many different ideas for every aspect of a wedding. Not to mention the cost. I had always scoffed at the idea of wedding planners, 'Who would not want to plan one of the most important days of their life' i used to think, but now I know; those who cannot deal with how overwhelming it is. Countless magazines telling you to shell out ££££ for a photographer before you even have a venue. Even trying to pick a date seems daunting for me. I'm not a commitment-phobe by any means, but picking a date 18 months in the future seems a bizzare concept. Anything life related could happen in 18 long months; work, family-dramas, bereavement, venues going bust or even babies, but it would appear you cannot snap up venue, photographer and get everything else sorted in two months closer to the time, making planning far in advance even more imperative. Luckily, I do thrive and love all things planning related. My nervous disposition will just have to be kept at bay.

Wedding fairs are currently my fave as they're giving me many an idea for planning. I have many ideas floating about in my head rather than concrete plans. We want the day to be a celebration, full of happiness, fun and laughter, apposed to serious formalities and ages spent sticking to photo schedules. I know I want a dress with sleeves, my bridesmaids to be comfortable in what they are wearing, those who cannot be there to be remembered and lots of board games to be played. Craig quite bizarrely fell in love with a Nightmare Before Christmas cake on Sunday. It was a beautiful cake, but very bizzare. I guess we are two weirdos thought so it could work.

I want to do lots of things myself. Handmade/shabby chic/vintage. Whatever you want to call it. I really want to hand make all the wedding stationary; table plans, invites, save the dates etc and I really want to give it a go and  try and make my own wedding cake. No easy feat, i know, but after trying a wedding taster the other weekend at a wedding fair, I wasn't really all that impressed and it spurred me on to give it a go myself.  Maybe that'll mean cupcakes instead of traditional tiers, but i'll see how it goes on a few test bakes. If it goes terribly we could always opt for the Nightmare Before Christmas Cake. I also want to use the hundreds of tea cups my Grandads kept as a way of including them in the day. I plan on using them to make candles to form part of the table decorations. 

We really should make a start at looking at some venues. So far from online brouchers and wedding fayres,, all the places we've liked the look of have either been used before by friends for their weddings, have rubbish vegeterian options (cannot be feeding my maid of honour chicken. gah), are so far up their own arse/posh it's not what we want, or looked a bit naff. We do have a date in mind we'd like to aim for, so hopefully we'll start looking into finding somewhere soon.
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