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MUA Pro-Brow Kit Review

MUA Pro Brow Kit attempts to be an 'all in one' brow saviour, a one stop kit for you to shape, shade and highlight. When I managed to pick this up a while back, I was under the impression there was only one shade available, thus got this one. However it (now) seems there are two, this lighter kit and another in darker shades.

Inside you have a dark brown, lighter brown, a peachy-yellow highlight and a wax to keep it all in place. You also get a tiny double ended angled brush to apply it and a tiny pair of mini tweezers. 
I don't like the brush, but then again, brushes that come with products are never the best so that is not surprising. It's a tad scratchy and i've ended up chucking it. It was no comparison to my angled mac brush or the real techniques eyebrow brush that everyone so rightly swears by. 

When using this, if you've had any experience or knowledge of other brow kits such as the Benefit Brow Zings or the Sleek offering, you cannot help but draw comparisons. My main gripe with Brow Zings was the brushes too. Too tiny and too fiddly. 

The offering of tweezers is something Brow Zings didn't offer up, despite the eye watering price. The tweezers appear to be a nice touch in the MUA kit. Who wouldn't want a handy pair of tweezers to fix that annoying hair that always messes up what could be the perfect brow day within easy reach? My hopes were shot down when I tried to use them though. They're crap. It would be a good call if the tweezers were of slightly better quality but the price is so cheap,you can hardly grumble. The price defiantly falls onto the pro list for this product, coming in at £3.50 it's a steal.

Unlike others, the shade range from Pro-Brow is slightly smaller only coming in fair and dark kits. They do however offer more colours within each kit, with both four in both this kit and the darker offering.  I had been pretty eager to get my paws on this for months and still didn't get my hands on the darker kit, so not having fair eyebrows means I've no use for the lighter brown, nor the peachy colour shadow, although it could be used as a highlight, it's not to my taste...

The dark brown was surprisingly good to fill in my brows with, it matches my brows perfectly. The wax does do an alright job at keeping the shadow in place for normal daily wear, however I do find it can leave an obviously waxy look to your brows if you're not careful. I'm used to using eye shadow or waxy pencils to fill them in without a need for a waxy setting gel so I might just be rubbish at it. 

I do however really like how large the mirror is.  The kit is just a little larger than the size of your palm and the mirror covers the whole of the lid. Therefore it is really handy to use, not just for the application of your brows.

Maybe I had too high exceptions for £4 product. If you're on a budget or not wanting to shell out  on a more expensive or pricey brow-kit this could be the one for you to get a taste first. Personally I won't be keeping this in my make up bag and won't be repurchasing. I have many brown matte shadow and the waxy setting gel wasn't to my taste. Again with a comparison, but the tinted brown gel and brown powder of the brow zings is a better match and more long lasting. 

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