McBusted. McAwesome.

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McBusted. McAwesome.

If your favoirite ladies, two bands from your youth forming a super group, copious amounts of gin, fried chicken and a newly purchased selfie stick doesn't make for a super happy you, then I don't know what will. 

The other week, after months apart, I was reunited with my uni housemates, two of my best friends, and some of the few people I can be really me around. As much as I love living with my fiance, having a full time job and not being at the painful mercy of student loans anymore, I really fricken miss them and hate that our time of being student-bums had to end. Having three days where we lived in our pjs, watched rubbish tv and ordered 60 mcnuggets (more often than i'd like to admit to) really was a breathe of fresh air. Now we all lead 'adult' lives, regrouping to regress cannot happen all that often, so we had our little mcbusted escapade planned for ages. It was really the best night i'd had for so long. 

Beckie, being the little genius that she is had managed to bag us seats RIGHT at the front, we were in the first block next to the stage and just inches away from part of the stage that they ran around on. We were so close that when I blew Matt (Emma Willis is a lucky bitch) a kiss, he blew one back *swoons*, and the box of confetti that was thrown during crashed the wedding landed next to us so I elbowed my way into getting it as my 'something old', and technically 'something borrowed' for mine and the Mr's wedding.

I felt like a cringy little 13 yr old fan girl when we went to see Mcbusted but I just couldn't help myself. Lately i'd been feeling like all i'd been doing is work, get stressed, work some more, clean and panic over everything. Something which had really started to have a negative affect. Our little escapade reminded me that it's really not worth it, and I have interests and passions away from the boring work-Jay that sits at my desk Monday-Friday. 

I'm going to make more time for what I love, even if that is pinning beautiful bouquets on pinterest, frantically wedding planning and laughing at cat videos on youtube. 

I really do love these two beauties and cannot wait until we next get to regroup but until then i'm going to focus on not forgetting there's more to life than working yourself miserable. If you're still at university, I envy you so much, It really does go far, far too quick,


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