Pinterest In Reality|| Week 1 & 2.

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Pinterest In Reality|| Week 1 & 2.

I'm a bit late to the party, as it it most definitely not week one anymore. but attempt of replicating my chosen hairstyle pin were so very tragic I didn't really want to post that alone.

Pinterest in reality is  blogger Miniemble's new weekly plan to recreate a Pin from Pinterest and test it to see how well it turns out.There is a new theme every week, but for a full explanation, check Emma's post out explaining everything here.

Week 1.

My attempted Pin was a beautiful beehive. Not only is the hair everything I wish mine was, but the girl is stunning too. Pinterest is wonderful but certainly gives me face and hair envy, how beautiful is this?

My attempts were awful though. Half a can of hairspray and a lot of back combing later and it still was not happening. I'm destined not to have a beehive. 
Instead I gave up, cracked upon a glass of wine, struggled my hair into plaits, and put on my christmas jumper (YES. CHRISTMAS),

So my result was non existent. Beehives are a lot harder than Pinterest makes it look. Anyway on to week 2...

Week 2.

The second weeks mission is baking. I decided to make fudge. Although it's not baked, it's a sweet treat, so in my eyes, its a baked goodie!

Making fudge just feels oh so festive. It's a little tricky to master at first, but the results are so worth it!
 Pinterest is FULL of fudge recipies when you search. As much as the cake batter and pumpkin spice pins do sound tempting, I avoided testing them out in favour of some traditional vanilla fudge, and copied this pin/link I found here.

Here is the finished result.

It turned out friggen awesome. It tastes beautifully creamy and just melts in your mouth. I also decided to cut little stars out, rather than cutting into chunks. I feel it just adds to the cuteness!

I'm so excited to walk into work tomorrow and kill a bit of the monday miserableness but sharing around some yummy fudge, There is so much of it I'll probably even be feeding Craig's office too!

In conclusion, Pinterest week 2 was far better than week one! I really don't think the cake batter mix would have been such a success, so i'm glad I stuck to traditional.

Next week is make up looks, time to get pinning!

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  1. My mouth is watering looking at that fudge! Yummy!! Xx


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