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The beauty world has been raving about the Healthy Mix Foundation by Boujois for yonks, and in all honestly I too have been in love, going through several whole bottles and honestly restocking when it runs out. A loyalty to a foundation was something I was missing in life. This beauty retails for around £10.99.

 My love is strong for this foundation; I always reach for it when wanting a decent base for my make up, to look awake and to not spend an age applying it. Yet I harbor a secret. I break many a beauty rule when I use this foundation. I have no choice but to use a shade too dark for my skin.

As you can see, despite being the palest shade in the Healthy-Mix range, their lighest shade is still pretty dark. Now, don't get me wrong. It is an amazing foundation, so much so I perserve and applying down my neck to ensure it remains as unobvious as possible that it's actually too dark.

I'm a self confessed pale girl. I always struggle when it comes to finding the perfect highstreet foundation matches, being between an NC10-NC15 in Mac, my skin is considerably pale, as apposed to just a mild case of 'fair'. Once blended out the foundation is not drastically too dark, yet it really does show when you apply it to your face and you just know that awkward foundation line is there. 

If not powdered, the foundation can look a little too 'healthy' (aka, dewy, oily, shiney face, whatever you want to describe it as) but it doesn't stick to any dry patches in the slightest, something I struggle with other foundations. I can always guarantee this foundation will give me a nice even base with good medium coverage. 
The smell as well. Wow. It is so fruity and awakening, something I really need when struggling to pull myself out of bed for a pesky 10 hour shift. 

In all honesty the only fault I have with this foundation is a lack of paler shades. It's not a fault just applicable to Boujois though. Not addressing us paler ladies is something most foundation brands fall short on doing. I've seen some paler shades creep in with their Happy Light range. Lets hope those paler shades keep coming and spread to other ranges!

Despite the slightly rubbish colour range. I still love this foundation and with it being summer, I can whip out that bronzer and fake tan and make it match!

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