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Last month something I had been waiting for over the past three years happened. It was graduation day.
Now, i'm a bit late to the party now as graduation season is now well and truly gone. As has summer by the looks of the current weather...

Your whole time at university is spent focusing on passing exams, essays and presentations to get yourself to that day. The day where you finally earn your right to brag about your hard work paying off and  that you got yourself a degree.  

No one has an easy journey through university. Even if the hardest thing you face is a 9am lecture whilst still drunk or the compulsory dissertation blues, so it was an emotional day. The atmosphere in the stadium (yes, I graduated  in a bloody football stadium) was an overwhelming sense of pride. The Psychology students did themselves proud cheering each other on.

It was very different from the formal quiet claps of hands I had expected. The rowdy nature of my graduation was most likely be due to the venue. It's hardly formal and boring in the Stadium of Light.

I even managed to get my little scruff to wear a shirt and tie. It only took 4 years and many months of moaning, but it's progress in the right direction I guess.

 His threats to wearing shorts to my graduation did wear a little thin.

I was so terrified to graduate, I had all the fears everyone else had. Anxiety and irritating parents didn't help eliviate my concerns either.

It's totally normal to worry about graduating. My main concerns were that i'm going to fall over, i'm going to look stupid, i'll have said I wasn't the right height for my gown or mis-measured my head and my hat won't fit. 
All my concerns were unfounded, although amusingly, a girl a few places after me did fall over as her shoe came off, so that was captured on camera forever! I did opt to wear flats to air on the side of caution. They do say to avoid heels as you don't want to be falling over. Yet, loads of photos are taken, so if you want swish looking legs, get to practicing in those heels. Don't be forever known as the girl who fell.

The day itself goes way too quickly. There were two ceremonies a day for my university, so we just had a few hours of which the majority of which was taken up by the ceremony. I didn't even get to do half of of the things I had wanted as I had to queue for prebooked graduation photos. I didn't get to throw the cap in the air or get a photo outside the stadium gate! It's a real shame the day couldn't have been a little less rushed!

I can't emphasise enough how if I could do the day again, the main thing I would do would be to avoid paying extreme amounts for photos.  They cost so much and don't turn out brilliantly. If you do really want one, make sure you get at least one nice one that you take yourself, just in case.

When my professional (well, the people the university get to take them) photos arrived I opened them excitedly to find they printed one where my eyes were shut. Had my dad not taken one before the ceremony, I'd have been even more heartbroken! They also are impossible to scan in due to the printed finish, so after spending £100 for three photos you then have to fork out £20 for a CD to get a digital copy.

As you can tell, i'm a tad bitter. Approach the photographers with caution, they take a lot of your time and money so are not worth it in my opinion.

I really wish I could go back and graduate again. I would worry less, not have brought the 'proffesional' photos and enjoyed myself far more.

On a more positive note, I got some quirky graduation presents. My parents, not being the most traditional of folk didn't opt for cards, cake or jewellery to mark the occasion. They got me a gas BBQ. It already has had a fair amount of use, and is a different way to mark the occasion! Craig, in a rare moment of cuteness brought me a star. I felt pretty overwhelmed as i've always wanted one, and I found out he'd brought it before I knew I was going to be graduating as I was convinced I was resitting third year. So, his faith in my ability to not be a total screw up was nice.

You spend so long getting your degree and graduating is the last nail in the 'university being over' coffin. 
It should be a joyus day, not one of worry and queuing.

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