Gradation, The Struggle Is Real.

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You survive three years of 'hard work', plentiful drinking, writing yourself a dissertation and manage to make your way through the task of donning a gown and getting your degree. But now what is next?

Despite going for the experience, you go to university to better your career prospects and enhance your future life, right?  There was no lecture on the first day warning you uni isn't all fun and games, and that  there is no sure fire way to leave in three years time with your life planned out. 

Uni was a blast but now graduation forces you to face the woes of adult life.

Trying to find a job? Difficult. A job you want? Impossible.

Going to every interview pretending it's the best thing you've ever seen.

When you get a job, your first pay day after graduation will leave you feeling like Bill Gates.

Until you have to pay all your bills.

Gone is the council tax exemption and all inclusive bills in student halls. 

Faking happiness for everyone on Facebook 'soul searching' and travelling after University.
Really happy you're finding yourself whilst i'm getting up at 5am for a 42hr week.

That 'awful' 9am lecture once a week really wasn't that awful when you have to be up early daily now. Sleeping at university is laughable, at work it's sackable.

Realizing you might have studied for three years but you are still yet to learn about coping with your feelings in an adult manner.

 Your student discount expiring. No more 10% off in Superdrug, ouch.

You'll hate how everyone moves away. No longer do you live with your pj, wine and krispy kreme loving soulmates.

Not living in a student house suddenly means everything is a whole lot cleaner. Don't expect to  have cutlery though.

Finally having  a decent job, your own place. good degree means you feel life is finally working out.

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