Jalou Newcastle.

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Jalou Newcastle.

A week or so ago Abbie (AKA The Peculiar Penguin) mentioned Jalou in Newcastle and their awesome sounding cocktails. They had us both intrigued by the weird (in a good way) sounding cocktails, and we knew we had to go. Who doesn't want a cocktail that looks like the cookie monster, is made all fancy or comes with a kinder surprise?! 

 So we decided we had to go and have a nice girly day, a shock for both of us. The atmosphere in Jalou is amazing, there wasn't any weird bar vibe and they were playing Beyonce when we arrived. Not just one song, the whole darn album. I LOVE Beyonce, so it just added to my love for them. 
We got there not long after the bar had opened and it was already pretty busy inside, even though it was the afternoon! By the time we left it was getting really busy, which doesn't surprise me at all to be honest
We were lucky enough to find ourselves a table outside, and by the time we were leaving, table-hungry girls were ready to pounce before we'd even walked away! 

The fancy nature of the cocktails is reflected in the price, ranging from about £7-£9 a cocktail. Although they have deals on throughout the week, with 2-4-1 Wednesdays and half price Thursdays, so they're not as expensive. That said. they are nice cocktails, and not some random mix of fruit juice, so it's 100% worth it. Now I've tasted their cocktails, cheap alternatives won't cut it anymore.

Bubblegum flavoured things are my current fave, well that and coconut.
 To make things even better, it was topped with popping candy. I couldn't control my excitement to shovel popping candy and alcohol in my mouth. It felt wonderful and tasted wonderful. It definitely deserves it's place on Jalou's menu under the most popular and favourite cocktails!

We both taste tested each other's cocktails, cause, it'd have been criminal not to!
 I was confident i'd have been falling in love with a cocktail that tasted like Kinder Bueno, but although it did taste nice, it was a little strong, and I was glad I opted mainly for the fruity options Jalou had to offer.

It's alcohol, that looks like the effing cookie monster, and again, you get a snack with your drink! 
Their Cherry Cola Bottle drink was just divine too. It tastes like the cola cubes I used to get in the pick and mix at the cinema when I was younger too.  It is like reliving your youth with an adult twist. 

I've fallen so in love with Jalou I want to go drag everyone to come drink here now. If you're in Newcastle anytime, you have to go.

 I would go gulp down their cocktails 24/7 if not for that whole having to do normal human things like work was stopping me!

3 comments on "Jalou Newcastle."
  1. Where is it in Newcastle?

  2. It is like two places/ down from central station, next to the big hotel! :) xxxx

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