My Bucket List || Things To Do Before My Time Is Up!

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My Bucket List || Things To Do Before My Time Is Up!

I’ve always been a list-maker, whether it’s to-do lists, shopping lists or organising my life with any possible list I can make. So a ‘bucket’ list has always appealed to me. It’s more a ‘Things I want to do before I’m 30’ list if I’m honest, as I don’t want to spend my life waiting for death to creep closer before I do the things I want to do. 

I made a list of all the things I wanted to do many years ago. I’ve been adding to it since I was about sixteen, so it’s forever expanding. So since then it's been changed and added to accordingly, and now contains well over 100 things I want to do! It’s a really nice reminder to what I want from life each time I read it. Some things are pretty basic, but achieving all the little things will make me feel pretty good with myself and it's so satisfying to cross things off!

 Having the list online also makes it far easier to ensure I don't lose it! is an excellent website for this! It allows you to add all the things you want to do, and tick them off when completed! You can even see what over people similar plan to deal and steal their ideas!

Achieved So Far:

 Own a pot plant and keep it alive
 Eat ice cream until I get a headache 
Register myself on the organ donor website
 Do 5 shots in a row
 Attend a wedding
 Learn how to knit 
 See The Wombats live 
See Bruce Springsteen live
 See Newton Faulkner live
 Fall in love
 Go to a festival 
Go to fire-work display
 Eat fish and chips at the seaside
 Run into the sea with someone I love 
Make a gingerbread house 
Kiss in the rain 
Go to the circus
 Visit a zoo 
Get a tattoo
 Dye my hair blonde 
Watch the sunset

To Do:

 Eat a Pizza in Italy
 Experience a white christmas
 Kiss Under a Mistletoe 
Have children 
Visit every continent in the world 
Learn how to use chopsticks
 Volunteer at a hospice 
Try A Fried Snickers 
Catch a bouquet at a wedding
 Go wine tasting 
Push someones face into a cake
 Go zorbing 
Drop a watermelon from a height 
Adopt a pet from an animal shelter
 Overcome my phobia of sweetcorn
 Volunteer for a charity
 Own a collection (5+) of board games 
Learn to play chess
 Visit the theatre 
See a shooting star 
Give something up for lent and last the full period 
Get a job helping others 
See fireflies 
Learn sign language
 Drive a tractor
Go fruit picking
Save £100 in loose change 
Trace my biological family and make a family tree 
Appear in a news article/on tv
 Put on an accent and convince a stranger i'm from that place 
Have a star named after me 
Milk a cow 
Become a vegetarian
 Make a scrapbook 
Go to Oktoberfest 
Swin, Cycle and Run a mile in one day
 Lose weight
 Watch Grease and Dirty Dancing 
Write someone letters, and have them write back 
Take a photo every day for a year
 Learn to shoot a gun
 Decorate a house 
Drive over 140mph 
Write a song for someone 
Go to Disneyland 
Teach in a foreign country 
Get a degree 
Teach someone to read
 Inter-rail around Europe 
Ride a camel
 Go to a safari park 
Live in more than 4 cities
 Go on a gondola in Venice 
Visit England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales 
Pass my driving test
 Have a pillow fight 
Save someone's life 
Improve my French and German
 Walk down a beach a night 
Spend a whole night outdoors
 Climb a mountain
 Get my tragus pierced

Are you on Bucketlist? If so send me your links below, I love reading what everyone wants to do :)

2 comments on "My Bucket List || Things To Do Before My Time Is Up!"
  1. I have many ideas of things I'd like to do in life mainly travelling. Lots of places I'd like to see and experience. Mainly Thailand and Vietnam and if funds stretch Borabora! #binkylinky

  2. Wow that's quite a list you've got there! Reading this has made me think that I ought to write one too :) Might get doing that sometime soon. #binkylinky
    PS My tragus is pierced and it didn't hurt :)


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