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Despite loving and enjoying all things blog related, from writing posts, reading other blogs and the social aspect blogging brings, there are times when you need to prioritise the important things. I currently feel in a never ending battle to try and get blog posts written as life is rather hectic right now.

Life in PuzzlePieceLife-land has been pretty manic as of late. Since the start of April i've been majorly bogged down with university work but it finally came to an end last month and I thought I could taste the freedom! How wrong I was!

We've been in our little humble house for two weeks now, yet everything remains pretty basic despite organising everything as far in advance as I could. Sofa companies that promise sofas in 21 days, actually mean they'll take two months and our internet has only just been installed. That didn't go all that brilliantly either as someone stole the cables from outside the house so the phone line isn't working!

Alas, i'm so in love with the new house it's unreal. I feel like all the excitement and happiness I  was missing in life last year has just come in one swoop. 

Now we're back and in the 21st century with internet access, I cannot wait to catch up on all things internet, mainly posting, reading others posts and being able to socialise and join in all the blog chats. 

I'd never realised how much I rely on the internet, but it's good to be back! Lots of new posts coming here soon.

2 comments on "Blogger MIA || Prioritising life. "
  1. I totally know where you're coming from! Sometimes the pressure to blog while life is hectic can be tough! Thanks for your comment on my blog, you're totally right about keeping it enjoyable!x


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