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Battle Of The Micellar Water : L'Oreal  Skin Perfection Micellar Solution vs Garnier Cleansing Micellar Water || Review.

I've been using and loving Micellar waters for a while now and rely nightly on using one to take off my make up before using my cleansing oil, and the hype in the beauty world is still going strong for them!

If you don't know what Micellar Water is, where the heck have you been hiding!?
Micellar Water looks like normal water but is a 'special' (I read what makes it all swish and special once, but really, I only care if it takes off my make up and doesn't hurt my face, so we'll skip the science!)  water suitable for sensitive skin which you apply to cotton wool to gently remove make up from your skin. It's a lot more gentle and less irritating that harsh make up washes or wipes.

The huge hype surrounding them might explain the increase the availability of Miceller water from different brands; L'oreal, Garnier, B. and Nivea waters all have all caught my eye whilst I've been in Superdrug over the months, yet  I stayed loyal to my  L'Oreal Skin Perfection for some time simply cause I had no issues with it, until I strayed towards the Garnier version. 

The L'oreal and Garnier waters seem to be the two most favoured in the beauty blogging world and there is defiantly pros and cons for both. 

L'Oreal Skin Perfection Micellar Solution

RRP: £4.99.
(Although this water does retail for £4.99, it is often on sale/on some sort of deal!)

  • Despite using for months, the water has never broken my skin out, made it sore, or hurt my eyes at all.
  • It's the strongest micellar water i've used. Despite being gentle on the skin it beasts through even water proof mascara.
  • It has accompanying products in the skin perfection range, which are also of equal standard, including a toner and cleansing oil. Both of which are amazing too!  
  • The 200ml bottle makes it half the size of the garnier bottle, which is often still cheaper.
  • The lid makes it very annoying to pour out as it is a rather large hole. The product sort of spills everywhere, not where you're trying to pour it on the cotton wool. Some (a lot...) of nights I end up pouring it down myself by mistake.

Garnier Cleansing Micellar Water

RRP: £4.99
(Although, i'm yet to see it in superdrug/boots not on offer for around £3!)

  • Unlike the L'orreal version, it is much easier to pour.
  • Large bottle size.  Of all the brands in superdrug, this water is the one sold in the largest bottle.
  • The bottle size vs price (although the same rrp, it is more often on offer vs l'oreal, and still is larger!) makes it the best for value.
  • I find the garnier version sometimes struggles to get off my mascara as well as the l'orreal one does.
  • I often have to use a lot more water to get the same amount of make up off compared to l'orreal.
  • It has made my face burn/sore once or twice after use. I'm not 100% sure it was to blame, but highly likely.
  • It claims that you can get 200 uses out of the bottle. Pfffft. No. Maybe if you only wear concealer under your eyes. But still, no.
I've made my way through one and a bit Garnier bottles, and countless amounts of the l'oreal ones and the l'orreal is my faviourite overall. That said, I'd not turn my nose up at the garnier one, as it is excellent value for money and still many peoples go-to. If you're new to miceller water, Garnier's might be the one for you!