The North-East in the Sunshine.

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Sunderland and South Shields In The Sun.

Not that you can tell in this current stormy gloom, but last weekend was such beautiful weather, so much so it could've been easy to forget that it was a beach in the north-east and not some sandy beach aboard!

Coming from London, growing up my nearest beach was about 70 miles away. Well, the one my parents took me to was! It was a pebble beach as well, and if i'm honest, it wasn't very beachy at all! I always wished I could build sand castles and squid the sand with my toes!

So, for me, the beaches the north-east has are so very beautiful! I think they can be sort of forgotten about in the gloom of winter, so I really enjoyed exploring last weekend!

Me and the girls done a bit of exploring, with our first top being Marsden Grotto. I'd never been before and the lift was a bit odd. It screamed 'i might break down at any point', but I think i'd have felt that way in any lift going down the side of the cliff!  Plus, there were stairs, I was just feeling lazy!

I had never realised there was a pub at Marsden Grotto either, so having a cheeky drink whilst befriending a puppy-dog was fun!

Our next stop was Shields beach, eating loads of crap whilst attempting to avoid the prying seagulls. The girls decided to wade into the sea fully clothed (they actually came out drenched!) and I decided to stick downing some wine in the sun.

Final stop the arcade! Where I didn't win a TED toy. Boo.

I'm really hoping the sun returns again before I start work next month, having finished uni now I don't want to waste my chance to go explore! Also, who doesn't want to lie on the beach drinking wine in the sun?!?

2 comments on "The North-East in the Sunshine."
  1. Well this looks like fun. Gonna miss this when we leave! But you took a picture of our butts? Can officially say my butt looks like a beached whale :) also, I don't want to lie on the beach drinking wine. Love you!!

  2. I love South Shields, I got married at the Little Haven hotel at the mouth of the Tyne there! It's always been a favourite of mine. Did you climb on the Canon? :-)


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