Sunday Summary || 4th May 2014.

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It's been a while since I've done a weekly summary, and i'm not going to lie; I miss it.

Lately uni work is swamping me down, the last 'push' of work has involved three essays, a dissertation and two exams to revise for. There is under three weeks left to go now, and I really will miss it when it's over.

So much has happened the past month, and so much is yet to happen! I've got a job, finished assignments and very nearly finished my dissertation, and tomorrow brings the start of another jammed pack week!

Monday also saw the night I've been longing for what felt like an eternity; McBusted. It was simply wonderful! It brought a much welcome break from all the stress. Spending the day eating lots, singing along out of key, and fan girling with the girls really made for an awesome night!

By this time next week, i'll have finished my dissertation, handed in my last ever piece of university work, (most probably) finalized the house details for the move to go ahead or at the very least gone to two house viewings and i'll have gone to my first ever bloggers meet up!

I really love being so busy, it does help to keep my mind off of things, but the importance of every little thing I have to do, and stress over is really making me look forwards to kicking back and relaxing in my pj's once all my exams are over. Oh wait, when they're over I have to pack my stuff up and move! Then I start work! I might just sleep and do some last minute panic packing! 

I swear people lie when they tell you the days you spend at university are there to be slept away or spent boozing, as I would kill for a lie in or a glass or wine right about now!

Alas, tomorrow is a new week of fun filled action, and I really should head to bed.

Until next time, 

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