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Accessorize Textured Winged Shoulder Bag Review.

I'm really in love with my Primark copy of the Zara City Bag, and it was my everyday handbag wherever I was going; university or town, so it was going to have to take a pretty good show from the  Accessorize Textured Winged Shoulder Bag to take over my love! 

I'd convinced myself I wanted another boring dark coloured bag, which i'd seen online, but once I saw this in the shop, I fell a little in love. The other bag was was similar, but a bit cheaper, as this bag retails for £37, which is far more expensive than my Primark fave, in fact, I could get 3 bags. So, I doubt I'd have got it had it not been for the voucher I'd got for my birthday.  That said  the quality of the bag and feel is a lot more upmarket then one you'd get somewhere cheaper. 

I really love the blue square on the front of the bag, it screams spring and summer, and adds just a splash of colour, something lacking in my tonnes of bags I already have!

The bag comes with handles that allow it to be carried in the nook of your arm or on the shoulder, and it also has a longer adjustable strap too. The bag doesn't fair too well taking the weight of my laptop in it when on the long strap though, but it is big enough to fit in a few a4 notepads, an a4 folder or even my chunky laptop. 

One thing I really dislike about the bag however is the zip. It is of a good quality and doesn't jam or get stuck, but the zip doesn't fully secure the bag. The winged part of the bag means that there is a gap either side, where pens can fall out and rain can get in. Which is rather annoying, if like me, you just chuck things aimlessly into your bag.

The quality of the bag is good, but the feeling it will break under the weight of my laptop makes me question it's price tag, as there are lots of cheaper bags out there from other sellers.

I am a bit of a bag destroyer, whether it is breaking the zips and handles through over filling or tearing the lining of the bag through unsecured pens, so I think i'd probably be sticking to the cheaper alternatives when this bag meets it's maker. It is however, a lovely bag, but £40 on a student budget cannot be justified!

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  1. I'm a bag destroyer too! All these university books are just too hardcore for normal bags haha ;) I love the colours of this bag, but I agree, for £40 I would need to know it definitely wasn't going to break from carrying a laptop in it.

    Natalie | Broke Student Fashion


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