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It's getting incredibly close to me moving in with Craig. I'm just a few exams and essays away from packing up my stuff and moving in with my boyfriend. Despite us needing all the major new-home items, like beds, a washing machine, wardrobes and the such like, the main thing I find myself lusting over is all the things that are not essential, such as cute decorative items! In our local town there is a huge wilko's, so I compiled a massive list of cute things I want from tableclothes to enough motivational canvas's to write a book. 
Instead of buying all the stuff we don't need and getting moaned at, I thought i'd share a few of the items I have seen which I thought were the loveliest, and hopefully i'll get around to picking a few of them up!

(All items here are from wilkos, they've some awesome items currently, and pictures taken from their website here.)

First up is probably the silliest item on the list as I barely drink tea, and I only drink green tea occasionally! It's the 'Wilko Balance Floral Teapot Porcelain'  It retails for £12 and it is just adorable. Although I don't drink tea, I just really want it. It's so cute, and I could make cocktails in it? Maybe. I just really love the detailing on it  and i'd make sure I found a good use for it. Even if it simply sat in my kitchen to look pretty.

Next up is the beautiful 'Wilko Birdhouse Hooks' at £12. I like the little bird houses above each hook and that they're all different colours. Although it'd be too small to hang up all my hoodies, jackets and coats on (I would struggle to find one that could, to be honest) I think it'd be cute to just hang one or two coats on, or even keys.

The third item is 'Wilko Heart Placemats Slate' and it is £6. I'm actually in love with this. Of all the items I think this will be the one I must must must buy, although i'd need more than one pack, as they come in twos, and I will have to get the matching coasters too of course! We will need new place mats  and I love that these are slate, it means it should fit well with any theme or look we opt for. Although I love the shape, they are fairly girly, but i'm sure Craig won't mind too much, as I NEED these!

Number 4 is these cute bowls, 'Wilko Heart Dip Bowls & Tray Set' and again are in a heart shape. They'd be perfect for  dip or salsa. They're really adorable but i'm not sure how practical they are and or how much use i'd get out of them. It'd be an item i'd love to look at but barely use. I guess they would come in handy for parties or gatherings, or to dish up mini desserts in.

This fifth one I want for cute and sentimental value, it's the 'Wilko Underground Lacquer Wall Art' and is £20. I grew up in London so obviously I still hold it dear to my heart, so I love this cute tube canvas. It also has cute little words along the tube stops such as 'home, family and friends'. It is way too cute. I also love the geometric pattern in the corner. I feel having this hanging in the new house would bring a little bit of my southern life into the new northern house. Soppy I know.

Finally, number 6 is this cute little bird cushion, the 'Wilko Ditsy Bird Cushion' for £6.50. I can already picture it on the sofa or bed of the new house. It has a lovely little vintage look! It would also go nicely with some bed sheets I already have which are grey with bird cages on. Lush!

So, from this post you can see half the things I lust after I have no real use for. Teapot despite not drinking tea? Silly Jay. Nonetheless, they're still all beautiful. They're lots of practical items I've been looking at too, so next week there will be a practical home wear buys on a budget post!

6 comments on "Wilkinson's Decorative Homewear Items. || New-Home Wants."
  1. Oh, I love all of those. You should definitely get the bird print things, and maybe the heart shaped bits too. The teapot is very cute. Just get the lot! I'm clearly no help at all...

  2. Dude, get them all. Or give people (me) and idea of which one you'd like as a moving in present :)


  3. Those bird house hooks are pretty unnecessary but after seeing them here I really want them!

  4. There is no Wilko's here, but I was on there website the other day lusting over stuff. Only problem is by the time I add on p+p, it's not as cheap for their nik naks. Lucky you. Just buy them! #binkylinky

  5. The best thing to drink Long Island iced tea out of, it a tea pot, so you really do need one :)
    Thanks for linking up with #BinkyLinky

  6. I haven't been to Wilkinson's for ages, might have to have a look. They have some lovely bits (: xx


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