Rimmel Colour Rush Lip Balm in 'Touch of Mauve'. || Review.

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My new current obsession is trying to find a true 'nude' lipstick or balm for my lips. I sometimes question if this pitiful search will ever near the end, the 'nude' lipsticks 16 year old me thought were nude lipsticks were horrid  baby pink shimmery ones, so i'm in search for an actual nude now...

I saw the Rimmel Colour Rush Balm 'Touch Of Mauve' and knew I needed it. The balm retails in Superdrug for £5.99 and comes in a good variety of shades. Rimmel have also launched some extra shades in their latest Rita Ora collaboration. Those shades are a lot brighter and 'out there' and not really my cup of tea though.

  I was stuck between choosing 'Touch Of Mauve' and a shade called 'Nudest', although you'd have thought my search for a nude lipstick would mean my opting for it instead, it had a pink undertone which wasn't my cup of tea!
'Touch of mauve' has, as you would guess, a slight mauve undertone, although not a full nude, it's very neutral and subtle on my lips and goes with my basic everyday make up. I'm loving the natural/basic make up look at the moment, I think it's just the ease of it all considering how busy I am!

Along with being a natural shade and being really quiet affordable, the balm goes on really easily and the colour is pretty even. I had read some reviews saying they can come off patchy, but i've not found that this with this lip balm. 

The balm is quite moisturising and doesn't stick on any dry patches on my lips which is excellent and it does last pretty well considering it's a balm lipstick. One down side though is that as  the balm fades off during the day, it wears into a bit more of a pinker shade which is a little less neutral. It's not a horrid shade though, and it's a good payout and even colour considering some of the stain colours left by other branded lip balms.

I don't think i'll be trying out the Rita Ora shades anytime soon, they're far too intense for my current natural lip obsession, but i will be definatly trying out so more of their more natural shades!

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  1. I didn't pick this one because I thought it looked too brown... but a nude, why not? Shame it fades to a different colour though as that change the whole makeup look :( Brill post!


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