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Today is a little reflective post to get me back into the swing of blogging regularly (ha, who am I kidding!). I've so many make-up reviews, a favourites and a few more recipes I want to post! Here's to hoping the Easter break gives me a chance to write them all up! 

Despite living here for very in Sunderland for nearly three years, i've not really had a chance to explore around where I live. The north-east of England has some beautiful sights and although I don't think i'll be leaving the north-east when I graduate, i've decided to make good i've the spare time I do have to explore where it is that I live.

I walk past or see these sights nearly every day as my university overlooks them, and despite living here for nearly three years now, i've never really taken in how lovely it was. 

I was walking past the river the other week on a way to pick up an exam result and realised just how pretty it was and how lucky I am to have a university which overlooks such a pretty river, bridge and scenery.
More so, summer is coming and my university is so close to the beach. I think i'm going to have to take a lot more walks to soak up the wonderful sights, which means trying to find time to go on a good few beach walks before graduation!

It's the little things like this that are so easy to not appreciate when the stresses in life get to you. Exploring the wonderful scenery has a surprisingly calming affect, so I really should do it more often.