Sunday Summary 16/03. | Spring time has started and i've already failed lent.

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This week really has been pretty pleasant. I've fully failed on the whole 30 day blogging challenge, well, the whole posting in general thing, as well as lent, but after a few very down weeks, it was good to spend a week pulling myself together. I actually feeling motivated, happy and content for once.

I've actually got a whole lot done this week. Firstly, I've made good progress on my dissertation, I've managed to round up a good number of participants so far, and even though I have a lot more to go, it puts my mind at ease slightly. I've also managed to get a hefty amount of actual writing done for my introduction and method *does happy dance*!

I also had to tell my dissertation supervisor about me being ill. I thought the 'I do care, I just have depression so have been struggling' conversation would be awkward. Thankfully, I got to do it over email rather than face to face. I thought it'd be a little easier if she knew, as then the face to face discussion about barely being in would be a little less awkward. I assumed she would tell us to just pull myself together and get my work done, but she has been really lovely actually. I wish I had spoke to her a lot earlier, as I sense if I had, I wouldn't have got so behind with my dissertation work.

I've also been doing loads of 'normal' people things without feeling anxious. Don't get me wrong, I  can go out and be totally fine, sometimes. Yet somedays, getting out of bed and pretending I feel okay is impossible, and everything and anything makes me anxious. This week hasn't been once of those weeks, which is excellent. A week full of cinema (HOW AWESOME IS THE LEGO MOVIE?!?), bowling, Nandos, my first outdoor run EVER, befriending kittens, and nights out have been pretty good. It felt like ages since i've been out every day, all week and not worried or felt the need to run home and hide away. It feels so very liberating.

On a slightly less positive note, I failed at lent. I decided to go on a spending ban but  I can't do it. Barry M have launched a couple new shades in their gelly range. I really want to get my hands on them but cannot find them anywhere! They're all out of stock! However, on my trips into boots and superdrug, I've accidentally brought some goodies, a benefit sample pack and a little MUA nail varnish. It made us feel good.

There is plenty more to look forward to over the next few weeks that will hopefully keep up this good mood! There is Beckie's birthday, MIRANDA :O :O :O :O(!?!?!?!), my birthday and the much needed Indian buffet to celebrate!  Hopefully that will help get me through and focus on my university work long enough to get all the deadlines met before Easter! Few more weeks and I'll be home seeing my family and cuddling my kitten.
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