MUA Undressed Eyeshadow Pallette Review

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I'm confirming what everyone already knows: MUA eyeshadow pallette's are AMAZING.
It is no secret that MUA's Undressed and Undress Me Too Pallette's are dupes for the Naked 1 and 2 pallettes. I really hope they bring out a dupe for the Naked 3 Pallette this year. I'll be investing in that too. Although, it is hardly investing. Unlike the hefty £40 price tag that is faced when wanting a Naked pallette, the MUA's are a snip at just £4. 

Yet, despite the tiny price tag, their pallette's are amazing. I remember the enjoyment I felt when they brought out an all matte product, i was in awe! The MUA Undressed pallette remains my favourite though. 

My MUA Undressed pallette is 'well loved' to say the least. It's not all that old, but it's my go to pallette nearly every day so it's looking slighly scruffy!

 Although the colours don't have names like the Naked pallete does, all twelve shades are in the exact same order to the Naked pallete, and they're remarkably similar in colour too. What I find is really nice is the back of the packaging even has a little 'mini master class' as they call it, where they suggest a look for you to try.  

Personally I love wearing shade 2 all over the lid as it is a beautiful champagne colour. Next I pat shade 5 onto the outer half, and then add a little of shade 10 over the top to smokey up the whole look. 

The matte colour you can see above in the middle is shade 5. It is really beautiful shade and has been my most favourite of the pallette. As you can tell from how used it is! 

I'm a bit of a matte eyeshadow addict and  there are two matte shades in this pallette; shade 3 and 5. I really felt a bit uncertain branching away from the matte's if i'm honest, but these are not too shimmery and have little fall out when you apply them.

The shades themselves are really pigmented. You get a whole lot of eyeshadow for your 400 pennies. Here are shade 2, 9 and 12. You can see just how pigmented they are. Even the pale champagne colored eyeshadow is so pigmented.

They go onto the lids beautifully and they blend really well. I apply them using my real techniques brushes, the ones from the eye shadow brush set. In fairness, those brushes are the god of all make-up brushes though!

Just writing this post has made me want to go out and buy another MUA pallette!
I'm so in love with the Undressed pallette, what is your favourite MUA pallette?

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  1. Ooooh these look so good! I'm going to buy one when my March Spending Ban is over haha, looks so good for the price x


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