Day 2, 3 and 4! | 30 Day Writing Challenge.

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Who would have thought it, I managed to fail on the writing challenge on the second day! In my defense, Sunderland were in the cup final, so the day was spent drinking lots of wine and befriending the locals, so I don’t think anything I typed would have made sense anyway! Tomorrow is my housemates birthday celebrations also, so, that means today is a three day installment of writing, as tomorrow will be spent celebrating! Blogging failure at it’s finest if you ask me Anyway…

Day 2- Where would you like to be in 10 years?

I will be nearly 32 in ten years time, that’s very very scary to think about! Anything could happen in the next 10 years! In an ideal world, by then I’d like to have a career I’m successful in, a lovely house with a grass-filled garden. A wonderful husband with two beautiful children, a pet cat and a pet dog. A girl can dream.

Ideally I’ll still be living in the north-east of England. Although all my family live in London, the north feels more like where I belong. I’d love for my family to be a little closer, so I would love if that was to happen.  Hopefully I’ll have a degree, and I’ll have trained as a teacher, and I’ll with any luck, be focused in a particular area, like SEN. 

Ideally, I’d love love love to be an educational psychologist, but spending the next 10 years still in University, really isn’t something I can afford to do. Being nearly 30 and without a career, home, or personal life, well it scares me so much.

I’d love to have a career, get married and have kids within the next ten years,  but who knows what will happen. Long as I’m happy, the next ten years will be good. 

Day 3: Your Views On Drugs and Alcohol. 

Legal drugs, taken as prescribed are amazing. From antibiotics to pain killers, god bless science! Yet, I don't think this is what this refers to! Ha.

I personally don’t take illegal drugs and struggle to understand why on earth you would want to as well. I guess some people have their reasons, I just don’t fancy breaking the law, wasting away money and ruining my life.   Alcohol in moderation is okay I guess, although my attempts at alcohol in moderation goes out the window some nights. Being a student has made me realise just how bad a large amount of alcohol can be sometimes, in both myself and others! I’ve drank way too  much in first and second year, so for the foreseeable future, the amount of alcohol I consume will be far far less!

Day 4- Your Views On Religion.

They say an image can speak a thousand words...

I had a religious upbringing I guess, I went to a religious school for part of my education, and used to have to go to church. I wouldn't say I believe in a certain god, or god at all though. I'm pretty undecided. I'd like to think that not pledging an alliance to a certain religion is okay, so long as I lead a good, honest life, and try to be as good as I can, like buying homeless people sandwiches and handing in all the phones I find left attached to the machines at the gym!

Being religious shouldn't mean you feel the need to ram your beliefs down someones throat though. If someone can respect your beliefs, that a mutual acceptance of theirs should be returned.  It would make the world a much nicer place to live in.

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