Day 1 | 30 Day Writing Challenge

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Bang on the start of the month (yay for a certain degree of organisation!) i'm starting the 30 day writing challenge, as I said before, i'm hoping posting every day for 30 day's will keep me motivatated and in the routine of posting regularly!

Day 1's task is to write about  "Your current relationship, or how single life is."

Well, i'm not single. I have been with my bundle of annoyance, Craig, for around three and a half years now. His top skill is making me believe anything he tells me. He once told me Australia used to be used to keep all the Dinosaurs away from everybody, as they'd drown if they escaped. Being the trusting soul I am, I nearly believed him. Nearly. Okay I did.

He is an idiot, he knows how to wind me up better than anyone else and always steals the best side of the bed. Yet he makes me laugh till it hurts and puts together flat pack stuff so I don't have to. So it goes without saying that I love him, obviously.  

It hasn't always been easy, but I'd not change any part of the last three and a half years. Every Megabus and train I've had to endure when i'm away makes me appreciate it more now that he's just a bus ride away.  I really hope I remember just how awful the Megabus was when we move in together in  few months. It'll sweeten the blow of being stuck with his dirty washing.

Our 'story' started with him telling me my jokes were the worst he'd heard, so it was hardly the story of undying romance sweeping me off my feet, but it is still my favourite!  I can pin point the exact moment I realized I loved him. 
We were sat in bed, watching some awful Saturday night TV. I felt so poorly and I didn't even care; the make up had to come off and my scruffy pj's on. He laughed at how tatty my jumper was (it was very well loved, had massive holes in, no idea what made me think it was an excellent idea to wear it around a new boyfriend!), still, he cuddled me and then let me steal a bite of his cheeseburger. It was that awful 'butterfly' feeling and I knew I loved him. I looked awful, felt run down, but he made me totally at ease. It will always makes me laugh that food was involved in my realisation I loved him! 
To hell with typical romance!

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  1. Ahh this is so lovely! I love that you called him your 'bundle of annoyance' haha! Great first day :)



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