Chicken Kebab/Skewers Recipe.

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Chicken Kebab/Skewers Recipe.

 To start, i'm not sure whether to call these kebabs, or skewers. Online they're often refered kebabs, but to me, kebabs are the things you eat in pitta breads, laden with grease, and these aim to be as far away from those as possible! 


(Serves 4, approx).
3 Chicken Breasts
1 Red Pepper
1 Green Pepper
Button Mushrooms.
Bacon (Fat Trimmed Off)
3 tbsp of Fat Free Greek Yoghurt.
2 tsp tandoori masala spice.  (This can easily be changed to paprika, chilli powder or even bbq seasoning, depending on your tastes!)
Skewers (either wooden or metal)

What To Do!
Start by chopping everything up, into pieces the size you'd like to go on your skewers. 

The button mushrooms don't really need much doing to them, just open the packet! 

Chop the peppers into chunks!

Cut the fat off of about 6 slices of bacon. Then cut the slices in half. They will need to be folded into square shapped pieces to got onto the skewers to ensure they don't fall off.

Cut the chicken into chunks and place into a bowl, add the yogurt and seasoning. Use your hands to mix and cover them evenly.

Now, add everything onto skewers. You can really be as boring or as creative as you like, as long as everything you want to have actually ends up on the skewers.

Next I placed them on a grill pan. This was so make them have the nice crispy marks on them. I done this for just a few minutes in the nice and hot pan.

After this I then placed them in an oven on gas mark 6 for about 20 minutes, ensuring they were wrapped up in tin foil, and then a final 5 minutes without 

If you wanted to skip the pan stage to save on washing up, it's best to add another 5 minutes to the tin-foiled cooking time, and make sure they are defiantly cooked before eating! If you put the pieces together too close on the skewers, they might also need a little longer to cook through.

These were so lovely to have, and really felt healthy as it was just meat and vegetables and yet they tasted lovely! I served these up with some wholewheat couscous and a slice of halloumi cheese. 

However they could just be eaten on their own as a light dinner or with a salad though. 

2 comments on "Chicken Kebab/Skewers Recipe."
  1. looks yum, great idea actually for our baby shower in may)

  2. I'm not really the best cook in the world but I think that I could try this if I was having a crowd over. You explain the method really well and your photos are great. #binkylinky


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