30 Day Squat Challenge.

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I'm determined to give myself the kick up the bum I need and get myself going to the gym regularly again, but it's getting more  difficult the more university work I have, so I've decided to take part in the 30 day squat challenge. I have no idea why i'm going to do it this month, especially as it's my birthday on a day where I have to do 225 squats, and it's also both my housemates birthdays this month, so hangovers will be painful enough without the squatting, but alas, I'm determined to do it!

Anything over 100 squats seems really daunting to me, so i'm really scared, here is the plan i'll be following which I found here!

It's one of the easier plans I found, so hopefully i'll survive, either way, i'm sure you'll be hearing my grumbles or triumph at a later date!

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    1. Oh no, i've been to the gym this morning and couldn't even make it to 10! I blame working my legs before even doing the squats ;( Haha. Where did you find your plan? I might try it instead if there are less squats! No way i'll be able to make it into the 200's!


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