Midweek Motivation.. || Oh Lush, Why Must You Smell So Wonderful and Be So Perfect?!

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My obsession with lush bath bombs, well, lush in general is bordering on neurotic. It's up there with my love of cats and crisps. I must have been about twelve when I first tried a bath bomb from them, i'm pretty sure it was a birthday present, and I wasn't overally taken. I don't think I had outgrown my tom-boy stage where still saw baths as a chore, rather than a pleasure. Yes, twelve was a little late to still hate hygiene.

 Any whom, after finally getting a bathroom which isn't shared with the male species (downside to uni accomodation,) me and the girls have developed an obsession. I rarely go into town without going into Lush and buying something to try out. Baring in mind we are all poor students, it's becoming a bit of an issue. They smell so good it's hard to resist! I really don't need the excuse of mid-week blues to lie in the lovely bathy goodness if i'm honest!

What I really love is the wide range they do, from bath bombs which make the water remain clear and silky to moisturise you, to highly perfumed and glittery, there is such a wide choice. If you ask one of the ever so helpful members of staff they'll advise you what best suits your needs, from dry skin to stress; there's something to help.

 I've only ever had one bath bomb I didn't like, and it had nothing to do with the feel or the smell. In fact, it smelt lovely, and made my skin feel so moisturised, but it was a yellow coulor and sent the bath water a murky yellow shade, and I felt like I was bathing in wee. That said, if you're hardly as squimish as me, Honey Bee might be the bath bomb for you!

Honeybee looking beautiful before going into the bath!

Honebee after making the water all murky!

Space Girl.
Another I've tried out recently is space girl.

It's really similar to Sex Bomb in terms of colouring and smell I think, but it has a little bit of sparkle on top. It goes away once in the water though and the water becomes and beautiful smelling shade of pink and purple! One thing I really loved is unlike Sex Bomb, Space girl has popping candy in and pops away whilst melting away in the bath.  I'm pretty sure the fine glittery bit on tops the popping candy part.

On the total opposite end of the scale is Butterball, it gentley fizzes away in the bath and doesn't change the colour, it's just a plain white ball, ! It was that boring to look at I forgot to take a photo of it! 

Although it might be overlooked by some for the plain appearance, it has the most benefits from all the bath bombs i've tried as it makes the water so silky and mouisturining! It also smells like chocolate, and ooh, that bits good!

Sex Bomb.

However, my all time fave is sex bomb! It's a lovely pink and purple colour. It has a little flowered rose in the top which means foamy petals float in your bath with you and it smells delish! Online it says it's full of all the scents to help relax and calm anxiety such as jasmine and ylang ylang. It just looks so lovely, and it really does calm me. Over Christmas I managed to fall asleep in the bath for a good five hours as I felt that calm and soothed! I really doubt any bath bomb will come close to overtaking my love for Sex Bomb!

 I find bath bombs are such a good way to relax. Now matter how busy I get, I try to find a small pocket of 30/60 minutes where I can zone out from the world and enjoy some colourful soothing water. I realise the older I get and the closer work, marriage, babies, pets become, the less time i'm likely to have, so might use this as an excuse to get buying some more bath bombs!

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