Mid-Term Homesickness.

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I love where I go to University. The city, the friends I've made here and having my own space are all excellent, but that doesn't stop the waves of homesickness that often hit midterm. I rarely get to go home as I moved over 300 miles away. Expensive trains and no money never mix well.

When you've loads of deadlines, the cupboards are empty, and you're missing your mumma's cooking, it makes the next half term break feel ages away. In reality it is only about 6 weeks. After three years I feel able to deal with being away from home by now, but I still remember what first year felt like. When you've had a really bad day, sometimes it could really feel like I was the only person who had ever gone uni and missed home. Many uni's have loads of support for people feeling homesick, stressed, or experiencing troubles at uni. If you're really struggling with missing home contacting them might be useful, but sometimes all you want it that quick 'pick me up' so you can get back to enjoying the uni lifestyle.

Whenever I felt I really missed home, the two biggest temptations were a massive takeaway, or a big night on the town. Both of which are terrible ideas for me.

If you're missing home cooked food, you're probably near the stage where you've forgot what a vegetable looks and tastes like. Filling up on grease never provides me comfort. I often found arranging a Sunday roast with the flat was the best cure. If there is a lot of you, splitting the cost of chicken, veg etc, doesn't amount to much, and sharing the workload around gives bonding time too! This probably wouldn't provide much comfort if you can't cook though. Maybe pop to your local pub-establishment and get a roast dinner down you pronto!

Drinking when I felt I missed home always made me feel worse too. Alcohol and too many emotions will always end in tears. Wasting the little student loan I have left this point in the term on entry to dirty smelly clubs is also the last thing I want to do. Free entry bars all the way!

Nice warm bubble baths, cleaning the house so it actually feels like home again, a proper home cooked meal and spending time with my 'uni family' all help cheer me up.

Moving away makes me miss things I never really thought too hard about. I miss the puddles I had to trudge through every day to catch a bus, my silly cat who chews apart my stuff and pulls silly faces, my mums terrible cooking suddenly is all I want to eat and my annoying brother who uses my face wash and denies it doesn't seem to annoy me all that much anymore. I don't think a week passes without me having a day where I think 'Gosh, i'd do anything to go back home for a night', but I like to remember, home is just a phone call and a train away.

University doesn't last for ever, so I'm going to make my last few months count!
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