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I started this year on a bit of a health kick, and now that I have come the end of February, I'm struggling, badly! Popping the new Happi Feet into my gym shoes and realising just how long it has been since I've worn them, has made me realise I need to get my bum back to the gym!

Happi Feet are marketed as being 3 in 1 shoe fresheners which combine style, fragrance and deodarising abilities. They come in four scents of Japanese Cherry Blossom, Madagascan Vanilla, Caribbean Beach Breeze and Freshly Laundered. The pack I was sent had a sample of Freshly Laundered and a scratch and sniff tester of the other scents. All are far from unpleasant smelling but I think the Cherry Blossom and Freshly Laundered are the nicest scents! They smelt the strongest of the four scents, and if you're putting them in shoes, this is something I'd look for.

(Here on the left you can see the blue elastic with tags on around the tongues of my shoe, these are the shoe fresheners! On the right is the back of the bag which has gives information about the product, and is reseable so you can pop them back in and lock in that fragrance!)

The packet said they can last up to six weeks, and having had them in my gym shoes for a couple of days already, they still smell strong and my shoes are smelling fresh! When I first opened the packaged, I started to worry a little, my gym shoes are only a little over a month old, and in comparison to my old smelly gym shoes I replaced with these bad boys, they're hardly ponging yet!What I think is good is if I get in the habit of using these early enough, I think my new gym shoes will remain fresh and new for far longer, and when you shell out on gym shoes, the longer they don't smell for, the better! 

The shoe fresheners work by having an elastic loop which is hooked over the tongue of your shoe, so the freshener hovers inside, and the freshener is small enough to fit in any shoe. I was surprised how easy it was to get onto the shoe, as I sort of expected to be hooking it though my laces to stay, but it just slots right in! Unlike shoe sprays or other like products, you only need to put it in once and it works away, so you don't have to constantly spray stuff into your shoes! 

  Happi Feet come with a resealable bag, so once you feel your shoes are fresh enough, or you need to wear them, you're able to put them back into the bag to lock in the scent to ensure the 6 weeks of use out of them. They're available in Tesco retailing at an RRP of £2.60, which is excellent for 6 weeks of freshness, and a snip of what new smelling gym shoes would cost!

The packet says you can use them in any shoes, even slippers, or try slipping them into your wardrobe, but i'm definitely going to stick with using these in my gym shoes. That said, I definitely need to get myself back to the gym so they can get to work on ridding my shoes of smells!

Disclaimer: I was sent this product for the purpose of this review, however all opinions are my own, and form part of an honest review.

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