Eight of Twenty-Eight.

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Overall this week has been pretty good, well, the later part of the week has been exceptionally good.

The week started off on a bit of a low. I received a result back from an exam I took in January and although I passed, it was hardly the mark I dreamed I’d get. I’m allowed to not include 20 credits in my overall degree, so I’m hoping that module will be the one to get dropped and I’ll still be on for a 2:1. Later in the week I got an essay mark back and it was a high 2:1,  this really cheered me up after the exam result let down. I really do want to do well at university, I will feel  I have let myself down if I don’t, but I’ve learnt so much more than that from lectures and I’ve made some excellent friends too in the process.

I was tidying up this week and found my referral letter from my doctors. It was dated for the start of December so I sent an email tnquiring how much longer it would be likely for me to wait until I would get an appointment for counselling. Turns out I have another eight weeks wait at least. Meaning it’ll be unlikely I’m seen before April. I know there must be a high demand on services, but is a five month wait really acceptable?! I feel a bit forgotten about if I’m honest, like another name on a long list. Thankfully I feel pretty good right now so will not be dwelling on it too much.

To celebrate my good exam result, breaking from my diet, and a general date night,  me and my lovely man-chum went to our favourite Indian buffet. It really was the perfect end of the week. I ate copious amounts of food. I felt I could hardly move once we were done. Even thinking about it now is making me want to drool. *mmm*.

Further adding to the Friday Joy was TwinMummyAndDaddy 's  idea for newbie bloggers, the Binky Linky.  A group for those blogging under a year and tackling all those newbie problems, and it has proved so friendly and helpful so far! I’m starting to think I’m the newest of them all. All the members of the group whose blogs I’ve read already have really well written posts, and lots of them at that! Hopefully I’ll soon catch up and have some more constructive posting too! I did feel a little disheartened with blogging to start. I was overwhelmed by how much there is to know, and had so many questions to ask and I had nowhere to take them. It’s really reassuring to know I’ve somewhere to turn to ask questions now, because if anyone could’ve seen my internet history before, it was basically me asking google a million of questions and trying to work out how you do this blogging thing!

I’m nearing slightly closer to birthdays, graduation and my having to ‘become a grown-up’, so I’m contemplating looking back at my bucket-list next week, seeing what I’ve crossed off and am yet to do!

Until next time my lovelies.
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