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When Canvas Design posted on twitter looking for bloggers who would like to review their canvas', I jumped at the chance! I've always loved taking photos and I am that annoying person who is always shoving a camera in your face, so I had plenty of photos to choose from!

I emailed Loren at Canvas Design and I was asked to pop an email over with the photo I'd like. I'm not very good at all things techy, and didn't know how to check the size of the images (a lot had been taken on my iPhone, and the quality means it could lead to a fuzzy image) so I sent over a couple images for them to look over to find a suitable one. They were really helpful in making sure they were printed at a suitable size to ensure a good quality image remained!

Thursday afternoon, whilst sat in a lecture a text popped up on my phone telling me my my parcel would be delivered the next day and gave me the chance to reply to have it delivered to a neighbour, the next day, or the day after instead. If that wasn't helpful enough, I got another text Friday morning giving me an hour time frame in which the order would arrive in! If you're like me and try and fit a million and one things to do in one day, knowing you're not sitting around all day for a parcel is really good! More so, when you place an order you get free 48h delivery. To get your parcel that quick, without a delivery fee, and in an designated hour time slot, is pretty darn good!

When the canvas arrived, it was like christmas all over again! It was VERY well packaged, and I took great pleasure in ripping off (carefully!) the wrapping!  Fear not planet lovers, it was recycled!

I wouldn't say I was skeptical as such, but the companies prices are far lower than their competitors, starting at £7.99 for a 6 x 6  canvas. So, part of me was expecting the excellent prices to be reflected in a lower quality canvas but I couldn't have been more wrong!

 They're such excellent quality. The frames are so sturdy and the canvas material is made from 380gsm pure cotton canvas. One of the heaviest in the market place, according to their website. More so, you've no need to fiddle about in your 'DIY' box trying to find some tacks to put it up with, nor do you need to buy any, as each canvas comes with a hanging kit so you can hang your canvas up on the wall!

 I've seen canvas' from other companies before and as well as being more expensive in compassion, the quality is no match for these! I've been tempted to buy photos on canvas for a while now, but something that always put me off was some fold the image around the canvas box, meaning you lose out on parts of your image, but not at Canvas Design. They mirror the last bit if your image and make it look like part of the photo and ensure that it looks normal, so your image still covers the whole canvas, rather than being left with white gaps around the end of the box and without you losing out on any of the image on the actual frame. Although, if you're wanting the white gaps, fear not, you can pick that option too!

I really can't recommend this company enough! I actually let out a sequel when I opened the parcel, and my housemate even commented on how lovely they are! I'm carefully resting them on a shelf at the moment as I going to put them up in the new house, and I really cannot wait to have these beautiful canvas' up in the new house!

Disclaimer: I was sent a free canvas for the purpose of this review, however all opinions are my own, and an honest review.
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