Can We Move Out Yet? Anger, Annoyance and Disgust.

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I live with two other (wonderful) ladies in a rented student house, for which we pay double the amount of a normal/typical house of this size/area which isn't a student house. It seems because we are students though, taking our money, ripping us off and making us live in a hell house is okay.

Don't get me wrong, I know things can go wrong, but the amount of things wrong with our house has gone past the point of normal or acceptable.  Whenever something goes wrong we let them know; we'll drop an email, pop into the shop or phone them up, but things never seem to get better. Today sort of reached a breaking point resulting in us all crying on the sofa together, just wanting to move out to somewhere safe and not full of mice. We've only been here a few months and just far too much has gone on.

First there was the leaking bathroom. The plumber has been out, but 6 visits later and a room full of cracked tiles, and it's still possibly leaking. The bath has been left open incase it was to leak again, but the wall of the kitchen is so stained and damaged from the constant leaking you can only tell by touching it and seeing if it's soaking wet. Very technical I know. Catching my foot on the broken tile getting in the bath is also a little concerning.

Then there was the roof which had a hole in. They kept saying someone had been out to fix it before. They might have done, but y'know, it was still leaking. It's fixed now, it's the one thing they did actually fix.

The final and worst problem is the mice. The people who lived here before we happen to actually know, and they too had a massive mouse problem, and it seems a year and a half later and it's still not sorted. We've had people out but it's not got better. We have about 15 traps down, which we had to buy ourselves. This weekend however we've caught four, and three are running loose in our front room. They're not even scared of us now, don't run away and come towards us. Some are huge, others are tiny babies. We found one running out of our fridge area earlier and they've been getting into our cupboards. Nobody wants mice crawling over their food, taking over their house and making them a prisoner in their own house.

We really don't want to, but we think it's time to involve environmental health and the university. We really wish it didn't come to this but we have no idea what else to do. Anyone renting ever had similar problems and able to offer advice? 
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