One month down, Eleven more to go! Happy Thoughts & Positivism.

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I know it is seen as a bit of a cliche but I feel this month has rushed by so fast. This is most probably due to being ever so busy. January was full of organisation, a bit of stress and sadness, and progress.

The start of the month consisted of exams and looming essay deadlines. Until around June, this is highly unlikely to change, but what with this being my final year of university i find myself both used to and embracing this. Now for the long impatient wait to find out my results. *Crosses Fingers*

On the health front, a lot of progress has been made also, about 8lbs worth of progress over the past few weeks actually. I've tried to make small changes like eating breakfast, cutting excess fat of off meat such as bacon, as well as bigger changes such as going to the gym four times a week. I've found myself really enjoying the gym, even if a little problematic trying to fit it around my uni work. Sadly my enthusiasm for dieting is really not the same. I find myself dreaming about crisps and still indulging in the (very) occasional cheeseburger. I keep reminding myself that little rewards are needed to keep up my motivation. I hope salad becomes far more appealing to me next month. I've also started making more 'slimmed down' and healthier versions of food I love, such as curries and I might start posting a few of those recipes on here (if i remember!).

When younger I used to swim every week, and I loved it! I used to ask my mum why it was that I couldn't live in the water, and i'm pretty sure my first ever career aspiration was due to my love of water, however my phobia of touching a fish quickly shot down my marine biologist aspirations. However this month saw the start of me going swimming again for the first time in years. I would be lying if I didn't say it terrified me. In fact I actually sat in the changing rooms for about 10 minutes crying because I was so scared of going outside in a swimming costume. As soon as I gave myself the harsh pep talk I needed I was all set and I was so proud of myself for facing my fears, as I REALLY loved it. Much like riding a bike (poor example as I can barely ride a bike!) I hadn't forgot how to swim and I was off and away. I spent the rest of the day telling everyone I knew how chuffed I was but I don't think anyone really understood as much as I did.

On the moving house front not much progress has been made really, but there's about five months to go, so that's really nothing to panic about. I did inquire about sofas at a well known (MASSIVE AND ALWAYS HAS A 'SALE' ON) sofa company who informed me that most sofas take 16 weeks to be delivered. This means that a choice of sofa would quickly need to be made. So even if we won't have a house, the end of February will see us with our sofas ordered. How scary!

This month marks a year since my Grandad passed away too. I really thought the extreme sadness I felt about this, combined with the stress of exams would really push the way I felt mentally into a low this month. Despite having a few down days and a 'I don't want tablets anymore' blip, i'm otherwise pretty good. My enthusiasm for 2014 being a good year and changes happening are still going strong. February will consist of meeting uni deadlines, maintaining my happy state, going to more gigs, keeping up with the dieting/exercise and a lot more swimming. I might even try and make a quick trip back home to see my family!

Here's to another month of resolution keeping, happiness and progress.
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