New Year, Old Me.

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Nothing disgruntled me more than the influx of facebook status’ and tweets about two weeks ago, where it felt half the nation was proclaiming ‘new year, new me’. Now, don’t get me wrong, a new year can provide a fresh start and is an excellent opportunity to kick-start a change. However, a simple change of date on a calendar will not equal change. Proper change needs to be worked towards, and i find it important to focus on realistic change.
So, to achieve all I want to this year I’ve tried to make some realistic resolutions, with steps towards how I’ll get there.
Firstly, I want to drink a lot more water. To achieve this I want to take my Bobble water bottle everywhere. It really is amazing as I was an avid tap water hater until I found this godsend. It’s a water bottle with a filter attachment lid, so you fill it up with tap water and get filtered water on the go! I want to aim to drink at least four of these a day as I barely drank any water last year if I’m honest. My main source of fluids was diet pepsi and red bull. Awful, I know.
Secondly, I want to end the year at a lower weight than I am now. Preferably by a large amount, the greater the weight loss the better. However, I do not want to set myself a target because any progress is good progress and I’d rather take things slow and steady then rush away with fad diets and make the weight loss unhealthy. To achieve this I’m going to get to grips with portion control, eat less crisps (my weakness!) and join the gym (and go, twice-four times a week, uni work depending!).
Next is an aim I am most excited for. I plan to move in with my boyfriend. I’m super excited for this, to the point words fail to sum it up! Actively looking for house and attempting to save as much as possible is how I plan do to this.

Finally, although not last in importance by any means, I plan to come to terms and cope with my depression and anxiety. After a terrible 2013, I really want to come to terms with getting better, getting out more, exercising more and feeling both physically and emotionally great. Hopefully taking medication prescribed and attending sessions I’m guided towards will help me achieve this. 
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